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Weekly update on weather and hiking conditions in Nuuksio National Park

Updated on 17.6.2019


Warm days for as long as the weather forecast can tell. You’ll get warm while hiking, but the lakes are very lovely now for a swim, the waters aren’t cold anymore.

Birds are active and some have chicks already. If you’re lucky, you can hear the black-throated loon, which is the sound of summer night in Finland. Also, try to spot the sound of common cuckoo, that’s another sound of summer.

At lakeshores you can spot Finland’s national fish, the european perch.

There are some mosquitoes and blackflies now in the forest. You might want to consider some protection from them, either with clothing or with repellent, but it’s not too bad. A Finnish person probably doesn’t need to use protection for now, if that’s any indication of the situation. 😀

Best Right Now

Warm water in lakes. Plants blooming. Clear lakes sparkling in the sunshine. Birds chirping cheerfully. Warmth of the summer.


Weather Forecast for Nuuksio National Park
03:5722:52 EEST


You can check more detailed weather forecast for Nuuksio National Park on Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website

Trail Conditions

Summer conditions. Swamps and trails at lake shores can be wet.

Nuuksio National Park in summer, in June. Trails and paths are in summer conditions. Finnish nature near Helsinki, Finland.
One of the best things about Nuuksio, you can walk on trails right next to the lakes.


On the main routes with signs: Some people on weekdays, weekend will be very busy
Outside the main paths: Maybe somebody on weekdays, few people on weekend

You can get a sense of the amount of people in the national park right now from webcams in parking lots.


Nuuksio National Park in summer, in June. Berries in Finland, this is lingonberry blooming Finnish nature near Helsinki, Finland.
Lingonberry is blooming, the berries will be ripe in late summer or fall.

Season: Summer
Atmosphere: Best of summer
Lakes: +19 °C
Biting insects: Some mosquitoes, blackflies and horse-flies. Consider protection.


Can be seen: Many birds, Finland’s national fish the european perch, butterflies, viper snakes, grass snakes
Hiding during day: Flying squirrel, owl, moose, lynx, fox, deer and many others


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