Nuuksio Now: Week 7, 2019

The weather is acting up, but so what, we are going to see the sun this week. And Valentine’s Day is this week, remember all your good friends.

Here’s what Nuuksio National Park is like right now, during week 7 in February, between 11.-17.2.2019.

The week starts with a bit of snow on Monday, it then gets colder and sunny for Tuesday, and beyond that it looks to be partly cloudy and warmer than usual for this time of year. Nuuksio National Park has plenty of snow, so it’s still very much worth a visit.

Valentines Day is called Friend’s Day in Finland. For us it’s more about appreciating friendship with everyone in your life, not just about the one love. We can say the following to everyone we love having in our life: hyvää ystävänpäivää!


Temperatures: Days from -3 °C to +4 °C; nights from -8 °C to +3 °C
Rain: Some snow on Monday
Wind: Moderate

Trail conditions: Snow and ice

Sunrise: 8:10 am
Sunset: 5:00 pm
Daylight: 8 hours 50 minutes

You can check the weather forecast for Nuuksio National Park on Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website.


Season: Winter
Mood: A bit like spring, but we are in the middle of winter
Lakes: Frozen, 40 cm of weak ice
Snow: 44 cm
Life: Moose’s many others footprints in the snow, small birds chirping


On routes with signs: Weekdays are quiet, weekend will be busy
Outside main paths: Nobody on weekdays, maybe few people on weekend

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