Nuuksio Now: Week 5, 2019

So far this has been an amazing winter. And we get even more snow this week.

Here’s what Nuuksio National Park is like right now, during week 5, between 28.1.-3.2.2019.

There already was plenty of snow for a normal winter around Helsinki, but it just keeps coming. Can’t complain though, the forest is absolutely stunning now. Usually we get this kind of winter wonderland landscape only in Lapland, but this year it’s here.

The temperatures are a just a few degrees below freezing, so it’s a great time to enjoy the heart of winter.

Put on your snowshoes and get ready to be amazed.


Temperatures: Days from 0 °C to -6 °C; nights from -1 °C to -5 °C
Rain: Lots of snow on Monday and Tuesday, maybe more later
Wind: Calm to moderate

Trail conditions: Snow

Sunrise: 9:00 am
Sunset: 4:00 pm
Daylight: 7 hours

You can check the weather forecast for Nuuksio National Park on Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website.


Nuuksio National Park in winter. So much snow, winter at it's best. Finnish nature near Helsinki, Finland.
So much snow, this is winter at it’s best.

Season: Winter
Mood: Winter wonderland
Lakes: Frozen, 25 cm of ice, but the ice is soft and wet under the snow
Snow: 45 cm
Life: Many footprints on the snow, small birds chirping


Nuuksio National Park in winter. Snowshoe trail at night with headtorch. Finnish nature near Helsinki, Finland.
Snowshoe trail at night with headtorches. So beautiful.

On routes with signs: Few people on weekdays, the weekend will be busy
Outside main paths: Nobody on weekdays, few people or maybe nobody on weekend

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