Nuuksio Now: Week 49, 2018

Nuuksio National Park during week 49, between 3.-9.12.2018.

The trails have been frosty with some snow, but this week looks to be very unpredictable.

There might be some snow on Monday, rain on Tuesday and rain or snow on Wednesday, some clear weather at the end of the week, or some heavy snowfall on the weekend. Basically, no one knows for sure.

Whatever the weather might be, the national park remains very quiet, peaceful and beautiful. The short days make for a very moody atmosphere in the forest, and there’s probably nobody else there now.

Finland’s 101st Independence Day is on Thursday, so there could be more people enjoying one of the great aspects of our free country, everyman’s right to have adventures in the nature.


Temperatures: Days from -3°C to +4°C; nights from -3°C to +3°C
Rain: Snow on Monday evening, rain on Tuesday, maybe rain or snow on Wednesday, maybe snow on the weekend
Wind: Calm to moderate

Trail conditions: Dry on some days, wet on some days

Sunrise: 9:00 am
Sunset: 3:15 pm
Daylight: 6 hours 15 minutes

You can check the weather forecast for Nuuksio National Park on Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website.


Nuuksio National Park in winter. Peaceful forest and quiet paths in Finland in December. Nature near Helsinki, Finland.
Peaceful paths to walk around the many lakes.

On routes with signs: Some people on weekdays, Thursday might be busy, the weekend will be busy
Outside main paths: Nobody on weekdays, except maybe on Thursday, some over the weekend


Nuuksio National Park in winter. Ice forming over streams, rivers and lakes. Nature near Helsinki, Finland.
Amazing shapes from ice forming over a stream of water.

Season: Winter
Mood: Winter is coming
Lakes: Frozen, thin ice, don’t walk on the ice
Trees: From bare to snow-covered
Berries: Some frozen cranberries
Mushrooms: Some frozen funnel chanterelles (yellowfoot, winter mushroom, cantharellus tubaeformis)
Biting Insects: No

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