Nuuksio Now: Week 44, 2018

Nuuksio National Park during week 44, between 29.10.-4.11.2018.

This week will start with the coldest night and day of the fall on Monday. I’m expecting a beautiful frosty morning then and maybe the first snowfall in the afternoon. From Wednesday onward the days are warmer again.

There’s going to be some rain this week, but that doesn’t bother us. There’s still plenty of mushrooms to pick, and as the temperature rises the mushrooms are back to growing again.

A great thing about this time of year: the trails are very quiet on the weekdays.


Temperatures: Days from 0°C to +10°C; nights around +5°C
Rain: Maybe snow on Monday, rain on some other days, check the daily forecast
Wind: Calm to strong

Trail conditions: Wet

You can check the weather forecast for Nuuksio National Park on Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website.


Nuuksio National Park in fall. First snow covered the trails in October. Nature near Helsinki, Finland.
First snow covered the quiet trails on Monday.

On routes with signs: Some people on weekdays, the weekend will be busy
Outside main paths: Nobody on weekdays, maybe few over the weekend


Nuuksio National Park in fall. Frostbitten cranberry on the coldest morning of the fall. Nature near Helsinki, Finland.
Frostbitten cranberry on the coldest morning of the fall so far.

Season: Fall
Mood: Quiet times are falling on the land as the winter approaches
Lakes: +4°C
Trees: Almost all leaves have fallen, now we appreciate the pines, spruces and junipers
Berries: Cranberries, if you know where to look
Mushrooms: Yes, lot’s of funnel chanterelle (yellowfoot, winter mushroom)
Biting Insects: No

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