Nuuksio Now: Week 36, 2018

Nuuksio National Park during week 36, between 3.-9.9.2018.

Fall month, September is literally fall month in Finnish, has started and we finally get mushrooms. Other signs of fall coming are the dropping leaves and nights getting longer and dark, but the weather is still very much summer, with temperatures over +20°C.

We probably get rain showers on some days, though the weather is mostly sunny and partly cloudy. The national park is now getting quieter towards winter, the unmarked trails are very quiet, but the marked main trails still remain popular, especially on weekends.


Temperatures: Days around +20°C; nights around +15°C
Rain: Showers on some days
Wind: Calm

Trail conditions: Mostly dry

You can check the weather forecast for Nuuksio National Park on Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website.


On marked trails: Some on weekdays, weekends are busy
Outside marked trails: Probably nobody on weekdays, few people on weekends


Season: End of summer, beginning of fall
Mood: Summer weather conditions with a hint of fall
Lakes: Water feels cool
Trees: Some leaves are falling or changing colour
Berries: Blueberries (bilberry) are mostly gone, some ripe lingonberries, cranberries are coming
Mushrooms: Yes, they are growing now
Biting Insects: No mosquitoes, annoying deer flies but they don’t bite

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