Nuuksio Now: Week 34, 2018

Nuuksio National Park during week 34, between 20.-26.8.2018.

Nights are getting dark and longer, but the days are pretty and the air feels refreshing after the hot summer. Some leaves are changing colour and dropping already because of the dry summer. You should eat all the blueberries you can find while we still have them, and try the first lingonberries to see if they are ripe.

There might be rain on some days or nights, hopefully that brings out the mushrooms! Otherwise it’s going to be lovely late summer’s days with some white clouds in the sky.


Temperatures: Days from +18°C to +22°C; nights from +10°C to +15°C
Rain: Maybe on monday
Wind: Moderate

Trail conditions: Mostly dry

You can check the weather forecast for Nuuksio National Park on Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website.


Season: End of summer
Mood: It should be summer, but you can feel the change coming
Lakes: Still warm and clear
Trees: Some leaves are falling or changing colour
Berries: Blueberries (bilberry), some ripe lingonberries, cranberries are still raw
Mushrooms: Just few
Biting Insects: Very little or none, maybe few deer flies but they don’t bite

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