Nuuksio Now: Week 22, 2018

Here’s what it’s going to be like in Nuuksio National Park during week 22, between 28.5. – 3.6.2018.

This spring has been stunning, weeks and weeks of sunshine and very warm weather, and it still continues! Remember to protect yourselves from sunburns, the sun is up for 18 hours.

In other Finnish news, school summer holidays begin after this week, so happy days for all the students.


Temperatures: Days from +18°C to 26°C; nights from +7°C to +12°C
Rain: Unlikely
Wind: Calm to moderate

Trail conditions: Dry

You can check the weather forecast for Nuuksio National Park on Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website.


Season: Spring, close to summer
Mood: Green everywhere and typical Finnish summer days with blue lakes and white clouds
Sounds: Lots of birds, leaves rustling gently, small ripples on the lakes
Lakes: Water is getting warmer
Trees: New leaves and new growth everywhere
Berries: No, but blueberries are blooming, lingonberries are starting to bloom
Mushrooms: No
Biting Insects: Some mosquitos and black flies, consider protection

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